Bangla script support

To read this Bangla blog properly, you need to have your computer set up to see web pages encoded in Unicode Bangla scripts. To do this, you need to have a Unicode capable browser and Unicode Bangla fonts.

To get help regarding correct Bangla script display, visit this page  


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  1. Debashish said,

    Hi Aparna,

    My previous attempts to reach you via email have gone in vain. I am not sure if you got them. I had ivited you to be one of the moderators at the upcoming Even if you are not interested, I would appreciate a line of reply.



  2. Aparna

    Glad to see your Bangla blog. But unfortunately being a Bangali, I am unable to read and write Bangla properly due to lack of practice. Although can comunicate verbally.

    Would you please log my blog and send your contribution from your part of the world ?

    Thanking you


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